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Hibiscus Face Mask 2.03 ounces (60mL)


100% natural

Zero preservatives


Also contains Bearberry Extract for skin lightening and brightening

It contains no synthetic Hydroquinone which contains Benzene, a potentially carcinogenic toxin for humans.

Bearberry Extract also has the ability to address any hyperpigmentation of the skin


This is an amazing combination of the oldest holistic healing agents without the use of chemicals to tighten, lighten, and brighten your complexion.

This Hibiscus Face Mask Pack is the best organic face mask for acne, sensitive skin, and younger-looking, glowing skin.

Hibiscus is the natural alternative to Botox due to its anti-aging and skin tightening benefits.

Its high antioxidant levels fight the free radicals to control the visible signs of aging.

Hibiscus also tightens up the underlying connective tissues of the skin and increases moisture in the skin to help control skin aging.


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Weight 2.03 oz


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