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Facial Cleansing Soap (with Tamanu Oil) 3.527 ounces (100 grams) (Copy)


Most coconut soaps on the market today are made from highly refined coconut oil.  The chemical additives and solvents used in the refining process destroy the necessary antioxidants found in 100% virgin coconut oil.  In order to have a perfect complexion, you need an unscented soap made from high-grade Virgin Coconut Oil.  Our Facial Cleansing Soap is just that – a natural coconut oil soap using only pure Virgin Coconut Oil made in Vanuatu.

High-quality coconut oil is ideal for the skin, as well as for hair.  It is an effective and natural moisturizer for all skin types, especially dry and flaky skin.  One of the other benefits of coconut oil is that it has no adverse side effects.


HANDMADE FACIAL SOAP – Made with 100% Virgin Coconut Oil

A healthy, blemish-free complexion always begins with good quality, chemical-free face soap

Designed for deep cleansing of the face without the use of any harsh chemicals!

A beautiful, chemical-free soap, handmade from certified organic Tamanu Oil and pure Virgin Coconut Oil

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Weight 3.527 oz


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