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This beautiful range is comprised of a perfume, a coconut oil liquid soap, a coconut oil moisturizer, and a coconut soap bar. There are various arguments as to the advantages of a liquid soap gel versus a soap bar. Some shower gels and liquid soaps can leave a greasy film on the skin that is difficult to rinse it off. Often liquid soaps contain close to 70% water and chemical agents to thicken them. This often leads to skin irritation and dryness. Not so with our Wild Ginger Lily Coconut Oil Liquid Soap which is virgin coconut oil-based and leaves no greasy film. Yes, it is a little runnier but that’s because it does not contain chemicals to thicken it. Does this mean that our liquid soap gel is better than a bar of soap? No, not necessarily as it depends on the type of soap bar you are comparing it to. Within our Wild Ginger Lily Range, we offer a Wild Ginger Lily Soap bar made from high-quality virgin coconut oil and free of chemicals. Many other soap bars are chemical-based soaps that are not good for your skin. So there is no right or wrong answer as to the benefits of a liquid soap gel over bar soap – it depends on the quality of each and is otherwise a personal choice.

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