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Is Coconut Oil good for you? High quality, unrefined Coconut Oil certainly is and can even help you lose weight and even help protect against Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia. However, our focus here is on Coconut Oil health benefits for skin, hair, and scars. One of the classic signs of old age is the appearance of brown, freckle-like spots or liver spots. It is a sign of free-radical deterioration of the lipids (fats) in our skin, thus the name lipofuscin. Oxidation of polyunsaturated fats and protein by free radical activity in the skin is recognized as the major cause of liver spots. Liver spots don’t ordinarily hurt or show any signs of discomfort. If we couldn’t see them we wouldn’t even know they were there. But they do affect our health and our appearance.

Because cells cannot dispose of the lipofuscin pigment, it gradually accumulates within many cells of the body as we age. Once lipofuscin pigment develops, it tends to stick around for life, but you can prevent further oscitation and perhaps even reduce liver spots you already have by using the right kind of oils in your diet and on your skin.

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