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Lisa M. Rogers, RN
Certified Sexuality Coach

I launched my Sexuality Coaching Business to help women and couples become excited about their sexual lives. My goal is to educate on the art-form of sex, teach communication skills, and build confidence and self-esteem. I share a strong bond with my clients, based on a relationship of emotional trust, validation of feelings and desires, and mutual respect. My clients can express their wants, needs, and desires without fear of judgment or rejection. Sexuality is a part of overall health, and some would argue, as important to human existence as air and water.

I graduated with high honors from Broward College in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in 2006 with my Registered Nurse degree. I practiced nursing in a variety of settings for 12 years, and my nursing license remains active today. My true passion was discovered in March of this year. I knew I wanted to retire from nursing and pursue my own business, but I could not seem to figure out what kind of business would make me excited to work every single day.

When I found out about Sexuality Coaching, I immediately knew it was for me. I found the Dr. Rachael Institute and could not resist signing up for her certification classes.

Dr. Rachael taught 61 separate lectures on a variety of relationship, intimacy and sexuality topics. She also covered the coaching aspect of my new business. I learned things in her class that was never covered in nursing school. The information was exciting and informative. Dr. Rachael helped prepare me to teach others how to improve their relationships and sexual lives and educated me on how to be my best sexual self as well.

I am dedicated and excited every single day, to be able to help my clients reach their sexual goals.  When a client comes to me and tells me that they just had mind-blowing sex with their partner the night before thanks to the advice I gave, I get so excited!

I am thrilled to bring Intimacy, Relationship, and Sexuality education to the world.   Because all my coaching sessions are done online, I can service clients from the comfort of their homes, anywhere in the world!

I have made a host of mistakes in my own relationships.  I grew up in a tumultuous household and was bounced around the foster care system as a teen.   As a result, I was never taught about sex from anyone. No one in my life ever even discussed it at all. It was crickets on the subject. I was clueless.

I learned to hide my inadequacies and lack of knowledge and created a false life for the public to see, mostly to save myself from judgment and rejection.  Unfortunately, those skills for hiding the truth transferred to my adult life.  I was in complete denial about what I wanted for my sexual life (and at the time, life in general).

For decades, I had no idea how to communicate my needs and desires to the people closest to me.  I only let them see what I wanted them to see.  I was a pleaser in my intimate relationships.  I needed to be liked and wanted.  I gave no thought to what I wanted for my life, including my sexual life.  No matter what sexual partner I had, my only goal was to fulfill HIS needs.  

I always seemed to thrive more when I was in a relationship, and I have always enjoyed sex, but it wasn’t until my mid 40’s that I truly began to explore my deepest sexual desires and began to understand just what I needed for my sexual self to feel fulfilled.

Sex is a form of expression.  It can be very powerful.  It can relieve tension, decrease conflict, and bring couples closer.  I believe that sex can help couples communicate and express themselves a great deal without ever saying a word.

Not so long ago, I began exploring the depths to which my own sexuality can go, via fantasy/role-play.  I believe that no fantasy is too taboo and I truly feel that no sex is wrong, so long as all participants give consent, and the act is not illegal. 

No sexual fantasy is illegal, between consenting adults, however, there are some sex acts that can become illegal if acted out in the real world.  Such acts include voyeurism or exhibitionism, among others.  

My own sexual exploration continues to help me grow and learn about my needs and desires. I am fascinated with sexuality and my sexual self is ever-transforming.  

Being open sexually has taught me to open up and be more honest in my relationship. I have learned to communicate my sexual (and non-sexual) preferences.  I am no longer fearful or anxious about expressing my needs.  I am happy!

I want to teach women and couples how to find their relationship, intimacy, and sexuality happy place as well.

I want to show you how to communicate your desires and how to free yourself from the shame and doubt that is holding you back from having an amazing sex life.

I would love to provide you with the tools to create intimacy (and I don’t mean sex), within your relationship, and teach you ways to take your relationships to a new level of awesome.

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All My Love,

Coach Lisa

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