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Sexuality, Intimacy & Relationship Coaching

Every living being is surrounded by an aura, belonging uniquely to them.  Auras are energy fields, which emit different colors.  The colors closest to the body represent your more permanent personality traits, while those further from your body can frequently change, depending on both internal and external experiences.  Your aura color patterns can fluctuate based on your current physical, emotional and spiritual circumstances.

Auras also have different shades of each color.  Different shades of a color represent distinct meaning.  Some colors/shades are representative of positive(clean) energy, while other colors/shades equate to negative (dirty) energy.  Your energy field can also be affected by the energy field of those who surround you.

Negative color auras may be cleansed, allowing for a healthier, more balanced you. 

Green, in the aura color wheel, represents balance, healing, growth, and change.  People with a green aura have a calming effect on those around them.  Relationships with friends, family and their partner are important to them. 

The name, GreenAura Wellness, stems from my desire to evoke healing and change for your personal sexual health.   Humans are sexual creatures, and I want to help you make the changes necessary to grow your relationships, intimacy and sexual experiences in a healthy, healing, exciting, and truly transformative way. 

As A Sexuality Coach, or Sexologist, I offer insight on how you can improve the quality of your sex life and overcome barriers that limit your sexual potential.  I focus on the YOUR sexual goals, taking a holistic approach.  I can help strengthen your relationships, grow intimacy and help you to be your best sexual self. 

Ask yourself…

  • Do I desire new heights sexual excitement, pleasure, and connection with I partner?
  • Do I want to attain more intimacy in my relationship?
  • Do I want to learn how to make love last forever?
  • Do I long to explore my sexual fantasies?
  • Do I want to improve my ability to read the verbal and non-verbal cues that the man I am dating is sending to me, and be educated on how to use those cues to make him want me?

Sexual fulfillment and gratification are possible, with the right education and guidance.  That is what I do as a sexuality coach.  I can give you the knowledge you need to reach your sexual and relationship goals, and I empower you to make the necessary changes to reach those goals.

Did you know….The #1 reason that relationships fall apart, is lack of communication!

I will teach you how to become confident in communicating your relationship and intimacy needs, as well as your sexual desires and fantasies to your partner!

 Again, ask yourself…

  • Do I have trouble communicating my desires to my partner?
  • Do I struggle with chronic illness or disability, but want a robust sexual life?
  • Do I shy away from sexual activity due to poor body image or low self-esteem?
  • Am I eager to be able to reach orgasm, but have been distressed at not being able to reach them (Either never or only occasionally)?
  • Do I wish I had more desire for sex,( but I generally do not feel like it)?
  • Has my sex life become dull or non-existent (due to boredom, body image issues, communication/relationship problems, stress, or any other causes)?

 If the Answer to any of these questions is yes, I can help.  As a sexuality coach, I help overcome negative thoughts and physical limitations, to help you reach your best possible sexual self. 

Contact me today for a free consultation to see if sexuality coaching is right for you.  Your path to an exciting and fulfilling sex life is waiting for you.

Coach Lisa,

 RN & Certified Sexuality Coach